I am Rachna and I have always loved dressing up and exploring the world of fashion. Even as a little girl, I used to dress up my dolls (and my stuffed animals!). However, I have felt that there are too many appendages to the art of dressing - rules, restrictions and pretension.
When it comes to fashion, books or any form of art, I hate pretension. Beauty is at its best when it emanates from the heart; while it is great to be inspired, it is not right to be bullied into following tedious trends and useless rules.

I truly believe it is not fashionable being a fashion snob. Therefore, I do not follow fashion mandates. Through this blog, I simply share a few helpful fashion tips, some outfits that I love to wear and my fashion inspirations. 

My personal style - simple, minimalist and classic, with a dash of quirk. I also bring out of my kitty, a few simple tricks to attain affordable fashion fixes, smart ways to repeat clothes/accessories and recycle the wardrobe. 

So check out the way I dress and dress the way you want!

I would love to hear from you so please feel free to reach me by way of the comment box or join me here -

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Let's make the world beautiful!


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