Sunday, September 3, 2017

Basic T-Shirt Dress

Hola Amigas!

As much as I love frilly skirts, silk shirts, and strappy heels, their upkeep isn't easy. Most of us aren't Kate Middleton and our hair doesn't stay in place all day. Our dresses crease and we don't look like we just walked out of a Gucci ad shoot. It also doesn't help if you are lazy like me. 

Basic, low-maintenance clothing is all the rage now and I can see why. It's comfortable to wear and needs minimal upkeep. And if it also looks pretty, no harm done, right? A t-shirt dress hits just the right spots. It is a summer must-have and transcends to a fall favorite if paired with a light jacket and stockings. I love how little space it needs when you need to travel light, and looks perfectly prim and pretty even with sneakers or flats.

My jackets and boots, out and ready, I hope to wear it, again, in fall. The summer has been endless this time!

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi

Dress - Polo Ralph Lauren (similar here)
Sneakers - Nike (worn here before)
Bag - Matt and Nat (worn here before)
Watch - Longines (worn here before)
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban (worn here before)

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