Friday, August 18, 2017

Styling Structures

Given that one-shouldered, off-shouldered and other structured tops are all the rage right now, I thought I will try an overstated version of it for once. I must say, I really enjoyed styling this one. 

I bought this shirt at Forever 21(link here) on sale, and I truthfully admit that on seeing it go back to its original price, I felt immensely proud of my shopping skills. I wore it a bit differently from the model on the site, not raising the right flap and not wearing the waistband in a bow. 

A few years ago, when I started the blog, I had been conscious of my under-arm fat and my lack of Barbie-doll arms. At the time, I either avoided wearing clothes that divulged the body parts of which I was insecure or discarded any pictures that revealed any fraction of them. Not anymore. I guess part of growing up is being secure in your body and mind. Also, I have to credit my photographer/husband who has always cheered me on, encouraged me to wear whatever I want and give not a damn about what people think. Now, I have stopped following all tips to feign bodily perfection. I just feel more perfect.

As an ode to the thought, I will start by sharing the picture from this shoot that I least want to share.

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
One-Shoulder Top - Forever21 (link here)
Jeans - Old (Abercrombie & Fitch*)
Pumps - Michael Kors (worn here before)
Purse - Matt & Nat (worn here before) - My current favorite purse!
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban (worn here before)

What is the one thing you have been afraid of wearing? Will you wear it before the year ends? Let me know through the comment box.

Keep spreading smiles!

*I am not making any purchases at Abercrombie after learning about their history of body-shaming. However, I detest any kind of waste and therefore, I still wear my old purchases. 

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