Friday, May 12, 2017

Guest Blog: DIY Patchwork

Guest Blogger: Sushmita Bhattacharya & her DIY Shoe

Remember how I posted an outfit with patchwork shoes a couple of weeks ago? (link here)

I was surprised when I saw the DIY version of these shoes came up on my Instagram feed. My adorable friend/sister-in-law, Sushmita, was the brains behind it.

Now, a little secret. I am terrible at DIY fashion projects. The last time I tried modifying my shoes, they became a goop of glitter and glue. I had to throw them out. So I requested Sushmita to do a guest post for me and she sent me this beautifully crafted piece. So, here she is and here is how to do patchwork perfectly. 
Hello beautiful people!

I am Sushmita Bhattacharya from Kolkata, India. I love DIY projects, creating something new out of the things I already have. Like most of you I have an undying love for shoes and what’s better than combining these two.

In a world where fashion trends change faster than anything, it is very difficult to keep up with everything that catches your eye. I know the struggle of not finding that exact thing in stores or buying it online, paying extra taxes and delivery charges. I loved the ongoing trend of patches and having been unable to find the patches of my choice in stores, I have tried my hands on making them myself. These patches are very easy to make and look perfect, casual yet chic, without burning a hole in the wallet. You can put them on your old tees, shoes, bags and give them a new look.

There are multiple ways of making patches. Here is how I made them.

Things Required :

*An old denim/ thick cloth-for the base
*embroidery rings
*embroidery threads and needle
*pen/color pencils
*fabric glue

Step 1: adjust the embroidery ring on the denim to keep the denim stretched . Keep the smaller ring at the bottom of the cloth and place the larger ring on top and adjust the screw to keep the cloth stretched.

Step 2. Draw the design on the cloth with a pen (you can also use a colour pencil in case you need to make corrections while drawing like I did.)

Step 3. Stitch the border of the design and fill the design with simple stitches.

Step 4. Cut the patch leaving a little cloth around the border and stick it to your shoes/tops/bags using fabric glue.
... and TADAAAA its done!!

Hope you have fun trying this out!

Keep visiting and keep spreading smiles!!

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