Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Playing Dress Up!

Hello All!

I am absolutely into monochromatic dresses these days. I haven't bought prints in a while and for good reason too. When it's a beautiful, bold, printed dress it becomes the nucleus of my look. As pretty as a floral or geometric print dress in bright, captive colors looks, there isn't much I can add to it. I am not a big fan of matching/clashing prints (yes... I know it's all the rage right now but it's not my cup of tea) and so if I wear a printed piece I just want to complement it with neutral accessories. However, if the main piece is a solid color, there are a lot of ways to play with it.

For example, I tried this simple plain dress with a blue blazer and it looked fabulous. I paired it with yellow floral pumps and it looked quirky. And in these pictures, I paired it with several black accessories to make it work for a lunch or a day at the office and it worked both ways.

Notice how the dress looks different at different lengths? I just wore the same belt in two different ways - one in which I puffed the top part of the dress around it so that the hemline would seem shorter and more playful, and the other in which I cinched the belt tightly around the waist, pulling the whole dress down and wearing it at its actual length.

I have also posted a picture with the blazer which makes the outfit look more professional and I have posted one with the dress sans accessories so that you get an idea of how the dress looked originally.

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - JustFab (similar here)
Pumps - Shoe Dazzle (similar here)
Belt - Lauren Ralph Lauren (similar here)
Bag - Coach (worn here)
Fitness Tracker - Fitbit Alta (link here)
Blazer - H&M (similar here)

Hope you liked the post and the pictures! Keep visiting and keep spreading smiles!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Back to Basics

Hola Amigas!

Someone says, make a career. Someone says, make a home. Someone says, you are too fat to wear that skirt. Someone says, that dress is meant for a voluptuous lady. Someone says, you should be married by now. Someone says, why did you marry so early. Someone says, you are a lousy cook. Someone says, you spend way too much time in the kitchen. Someone says, you are a terrible mother. Someone says, you are overbearing. Someone says you look sloppy. Someone says, your red nails are too slutty for office. 

We have all been there. Done that. At least one... if not all.

Your life is your story. The only one in which you will be the unquestionable lead. The only one in which you have the chance to say and do all you can. The only one through which you can show the world what you are made of. The only one that will be your legacy. Write it the way you want. Don't let the the world pen it for you.

At least once in a while, dance to your favorite tunes alone till your feet hurt. Eat a whole cake in one sitting without worrying about your weight. Wear your prettiest shoes to the supermarket even if it kills your feet. Wear the most seductive red lipstick and look into the mirror to seduce yourself. Watch the same movie over and over till your head explodes. Smile at a stranger even if you think you look like a fool. And love someone unconditionally because you will live just this once.

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi

Pants: J Crew (similar here)
Top: Abercrombie & Fitch* (similar here)
Bag: Aldo (link here)
Loafer: Madden Girl (link here)

*P.S.: After reading various controversial news articles about Abercrombie & Fitch and it's history of body-shaming, I have stopped buying anything from their stores. However, since I do not want to waste my old purchases, I continue to wear them.
(The statement is solely my opinion and is not meant to discourage anyone from shopping the brand