Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sweet Spring!

A spring afternoon calls for a  romantic, playful dress!

I love empire-waist dresses and this is one of my favorites. The tiny polka dots make it look chic but also give it a vintage look. And I also love how the hemlines and necklines are flirty yet classy, while this old belt with the bow adds the "cute" factor. By the way, I am so crazy about belts right now that I bought two more this weekend and I am on the lookout for more.

The other thing that I am looking forward to is a white crossbody bag from Matt & Nat or Jill Milan. They both make great vegan leather bags and the quality of the bags is amazing. I bought a black parabole bag from Matt and Nat recently and both the material and the make are really fine. So, a white one is due for purchase. Till then, this clutch will have to do!

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - Forever New (similar here)
Shoes - Michael Kors (worn here before)
Clutch - Baggit (similar here)
Belt - ONLY (similar here)

Let us know what you think about bow belts and polka dresses and spring afternoons!
...And keep spreading smiles!! :-)