Thursday, February 4, 2016

Messy Match!

Hello All!

So what inspired this post was an article in one of the leading fashion and lifestyle magazines. The article was an elaborate list of things we women do that make us look messy. The mess-list comprised of things like having your shirt only half-tucked in, your underwear showing inadvertently, not styling your hair well and...having your hair band wrapped around your wrist. It all brought out my evil laugh...muhhaahahaha! Although it may be good to know some of this stuff and use it when you want to look your best, sometimes it is also perfectly alright to toss it with an unsightly flip of imperfect hair. 
And a hair band on the wrist! Why should I even worry about that unless it fits too tight and hinders my blood circulation? For that matter, I like having my shirt half-tucked in and I often don't feel like styling my hair. Personally, the only place where I might be bothered with such stuff is in an office. All other time is me-time. I may look messy from time to time but messy is fun, especially when I look hassled but am not hassled at all. We women can be prim and proper one day and sillied-up the next day. That is one of the ways we surprise ourselves every day. Fashion can be thoughtless, careless and totally moody.
Hence, without further ado, presenting the uneven shirt and the unstyled hair.


Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
 Shirt - Express (similar here)
Jeans - Levi's (worn here before)
Shoes - Madden Girl (similar here)
Watch - Tissot (worn here before)

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And...keep spreading smiles!!



  1. Looking cute! This is outfit and colour suits perfect on you. But what about your accessories.

    1. Thank you Sloane and thanks for asking! I wanted to keep this look totally stress-free and the focus was primarily on the matching shoes and shirt. As my post says, the outfit was an attempt towards the messy side and coordinating accessories wouldn't have worked for this mood. Anyway for some outfits and some moods, I just like to keep it to the minimum. On such days, my watch is my best friend! :)