Sunday, February 21, 2016

Brooch Me!

Hey All!!

Meet my latest obsession - The Brooch.

I have been going so crazy about brooches that I bought some, dug some and fashioned some out of old and new earrings. They are unlike any other piece of jewellery because there is no rule that says you have to wear them any specified way. Of course, a brooch adds a lot of pizzazz to a vest, a blazer, a coat, a shirt, a sweater, i.e., to all the regular pieces one might think of wearing them with. But this piece of jewellery looks so good with even the most unconventional pieces of clothing.

I have been experimenting with scarves, hats, purses and belts. Good old brooches work with all of them. And they are available in so many shapes and sizes and colors that however fussy one is, he/she will still find one that works.  

Crystal Brooch from Swarovski

An old bow from a hat (worn here before)

An old earring - A gift from a friend
Flower Brooch (worn here before)

An old earring from Forever New

Another old earring

Check out some options and pick one that fits your budget

Save (from top to bottom) - Flower Brooch-, Dragon Brooch-, Flower Brooch -, Cameo Brooch -
Splurge (from top to bottom) - Preowned Van Cleef and Arpels, Preowned Dragon Blister Pearl Gold Brooch Enhancer (both, Silk Flower Brooch -, Preowned Cameo Brooch -                


Fashion a brooch from an old piece of jewellery. (I am working on some DIY pieces myself. Will certainly share pictures IF they work!)

What's your favorite piece of jewellery? Let us know..
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  1. I haven't worn a brooch in years! I love how creative you've been with these. They really are the most versatile piece of jewellery. x

    Kate Louise Blogs