Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shades of Grey!

Is it "grey" or "gray"? Huh. I'll flip a coin and go with one...
And "grey" it is!
Now where was I?
Right! Now, my whole wardrobe is a mish-mash of grey, black and white. So what?
Yes, I go to a store and can not see anything apart from that grey dress or that grey sweater or that grey skirt. So what?
Yes, in the last three months, literally everything that I have bought is grey. So what?
And yes, these days if I wear anything apart from grey, I feel weird and weirder and sad and soulless. So what?

I am not obsessed or anything.

It's just a phase. It'll pass..right? Right??

Darn! Let's face it, I am obsessed. After all, there is nothing more versatile than grey. It goes with everything, every time. I can dress it up, dress it down, glam it up, lounge in it - the options are endless. Even the inexpensive pieces look expensive and stylish in grey. And these are just a bunch of excuses, the real reason is that I feel grey looks really good on me (grin).
So here is my latest grey outfit! Oh, by the way, tomorrow is mine and Ashu's 3rd Wedding Anniversary. So please do keep us in your prayers and happy thoughts. :-)
Also, watch out for a special Anniversary post that would be coming up very soon!

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - Loft (similar here)
Coat - Banana Republic (similar here)
Boots - Aldo (similar here)
Watch - Tissot
Hope you liked today's outfit!
Keep Spreading Smiles!!