Friday, January 15, 2016

Sequin Sparkle!

Hola Amigas!

Still settling into the new year? At least I am.
It is strange that although calendars are only an artificial human arrangement and a "New Year", technically, brings nothing new, it all still makes us feel like it is a fresh, new chapter in our lives. However, this chapter has been a bit lame till now, as far as the book of my life is concerned. I started "The Long Valley" by John Steinbeck last week but have barely read fifty pages. My painting supplies have been resting in the drawers forever and my work at the library is on a pause due to the holiday season. I did get back in to my exercise routine day before yesterday, so that is a huge post-holiday achievement!

So, I was going through a couple of old Vogue issues today and was relieved to see at least some models other than size zeroes. I also drooled over a lot of unaffordable outfits. I know..I know..I will nearly never end up buying any of it but...Oh! How pretty!

Anyhow, I feel extremely blessed that I can afford a lot of other stuff right now and I am more than happy to flaunt what I have got. So, here is my new jacket, my new sparkly top and my matching booties. Hope you like today's outfit.

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
 Faux-Leather Jacket & Booties - Max Studio (similar here)
Sequin Top - Guess (similar here)
Bag - Coach (worn here before)
Watch - Fossil (similar here)
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