Saturday, December 12, 2015

Another Day

Hi All!!

Hope you've been well and are enjoying the drowsy winter days.

I am on a cooking spree these days and today I landed on a "health" website while looking up a recipe. Now, I use the double quotes because it should actually have been categorized as a "be skinny or starve" website. Really, if you go by what the website says, every person who is a pound above his/her ideal weight, should starve to death. It is sad and surprising that even after various attempts by various organisations to raise awareness against the notion of one ideal body image, most people still feel that being even a little overweight is outright criminal. It is also a major myth that skinny is always healthy. I know many skinny people with zero stamina while many so-called overweight people are running marathons. Despite that, there are so many people who follow absurd diets to lose that tiny little flab around the waist. Of course, if getting rid of a few pounds makes someone feel good, he/she should surely do it but that should not become a mandate for everyone. In fact, I am trying to lose a few inches myself because I don't want to throw away some of my pants but if I don't...who cares! Don't get me wrong, it is not that I don't believe in staying fit. I know perfectly well that it is important to eat healthy and exercise. However I can not bring myself to understand that whole faux-health obsession. It is like the world now stands divided between ceaseless salad-munchers and perpetual pizza-gorgers, whereas, the middle ground of mild proportions, has vanished.

Now, I am not really fond of deep-fried/oily food and I am not too enticed by cheese, butter or dessert. I also like fruits and am a vegetarian by choice so I mostly eat quite healthy. My two weaknesses are rice and potatoes (oh yeah, that's a whole lot of carbs!). 'Cause I wanted to make a healthier diet change, I tried replacing white rice with brown for a week. You know what? Brown rice sucks. It tastes like glue and feels like paste. After a rotten week, I am so happy to find that unhealthy, polished rice on my plate again. To hell with perfect health. While it may be different for someone else, I, find more happiness in my satiated tummy than in my shrinking waistline. To each his/her own. Gently nudging a near and dear one to eat healthy or exercise is a different matter but deriding them and making them feel guilty, just because they won't kill themselves over it, is not very nice...and not even fashionable anymore.

Anyhow, dropping all that weight aside ( the way I feel really clever when I use a pun), let me show you today's outfit - it was one of those days when I didn't want to put any effort into anything. One of the lazy, hazy winter days. So I just grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt and then I noticed this blingy sweater that has been lying in my wardrobe since last year. Oh! And I also found this cute headband with crystals. So here I am. Hope you like the outfit.

Photographer - Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Sweater - Loft (similar here)
Shirt - Gap (worn here before & here)
Headband - Ann Taylor (similar here)
Jeans - Levi's (worn here before)
Bag - Coach (worn here before)
Boots - INC International (similar here)

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Keep spreading smiles!!

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