Thursday, November 12, 2015

Festive Moods!

Hi All!

It has been a month full of lights and laughter, costumes and colors, fun and festivities.
Lot of different religions have brought in lot of different holidays, and I believe, that is the only good thing that any religion has ever done for humanity. Such occasions inject life into a dull monotonous life and bring people together.
I am not at all religious (not to be confused with atheism), and so I have never really bothered about the religious history of a festival, although I do like reading the interesting stories behind many of them. I feel, the more serious we get about the religious aspect of a festival, the more guarded we get about it. What is the point in keeping festivals limited to a religion or sect? Isn't it lovelier when such occasions make us all one big happy family. Isn't it more fun when everyone is having fun!
Anyhow, for people like me who grab every reason to dress up and eat decadent delicacies, every festival is a delight. Thankfully, there were so many festivals of late and we tried to celebrate as many as we could. 
So, here are some pictures taken on different festivals. Excuse the poor to mediocre picture quality, some of these were taken under very unflattering lights.
Diwali Celebrations at Home

Diwali Celebrations at Home

Halloween at OMSI After Dark

Navaratri Dandiya at Gujarati Samaj Portland
Hope you liked the pictures! Talk to you again, very soon!
Keep spreading smiles, love and laughter...