Saturday, October 10, 2015

White Again

Hi All!

There is nothing like a dreamy white dress. I had done a post, just a few days ago, in an all-white outfit (link here). However, before winter arrives in its full capacity, here I am again, with another breezy white dress.

By the way, I attended the Portland FashioNXT event last night. Caught glimpses of plenty of lovely outfits, and looking forward to sharing a few clicks with you all. I also shopped a little this week, so will share those pictures too. It feels like I am running short of handbags these days; my husband, vehemently disagrees! I have been looking for a handbag in beige or grey but haven't been able to find anything that fits my budget yet. I am still on the lookout and will definitely post pictures when I find it. I do talk a lot, don't I! I thought, I was talkative only in person, but it  looks like, I can manage all the blah-blah online too.

Coming back to this dress - it is again an old dress and my husband really loves it for some reason. He calls it the "fairy dress", thus making this dress, a special one for me too (blush) (blush). Another reason for why I love this dress is because it looks so 1980s. Hmmmm...I wonder now, if I could have done this shoot with fairy wings. Well, may be next time...

Till then, I hope you enjoy these pictures! Have a great weekend!!


Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - Old (similar here)
Shoes - Style & Co. (similar here)
Necklace and Choker - Forever21 (similar here)


  1. Wow.!! Good to see you in this dress!! :)
    You have matched the choker and the dress well.!!

    1. Thank you Pavi! I remember, this was the dress that I was wearing when we first met! :D

    2. Yesssss!!! i can clearing recall the moment you opened the door asking for smeth.. lol!!!