Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review - L'Occitane Repairing Shampoo

Hello Friends!

I have been experimenting with a lot of hair products recently. Some have worked well while the others have been really disappointing. I was using the K√©rastase Elixir earlier which worked quite well but the restless soul that I am, I was just bored and wanted a change. I use the L'Occitane moisturizer (review coming soon) usually, so this time when I was in the store, I picked up this shampoo too. Luckily, they also gave me some conditioner samples so I got a chance to try it too, without having to buy it. 

This happened a month ago and the reason I did not review it sooner was because I wanted to give it time and several tries. On several occasions, I used the shampoo both with and without the conditioner. Having done that, now finally, I feel confident enough to review this product
So how was my experience? Honestly, I am torn between average and bad. I have used several L'Occitane products before and this is the only one which has really disappointed me. Why do I say so? The shampoo is too dry, too rough on my hair. Although named a repairing shampoo, I felt that, it was actually more damaging than anything else. The first day that I used it, I did not feel such a stark difference in my hair but after the second or third wash, my hair felt actually like hemp and I had to use excessive amounts of serum to manage it. Another funny thing is, although it dries the hair so much, the next day it makes the scalp sticky and oily. Also it smells rather chemically!

I would give it that it did work better with the repairing conditioner. In fact the conditioner in itself is quite good. It is light and nourishing and not sticky at all (I used one of the sample pouches separately with another shampoo and it worked wonderfully). So, I might end up buying this conditioner.
So, my personal verdict for the L'Occitane repairing shampoo - not impressed!
Let me know if you have tried any shampoos or conditioners lately...did they work for you?

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