Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review - L'Occitane Repairing Shampoo

Hello Friends!

I have been experimenting with a lot of hair products recently. Some have worked well while the others have been really disappointing. I was using the K√©rastase Elixir earlier which worked quite well but the restless soul that I am, I was just bored and wanted a change. I use the L'Occitane moisturizer (review coming soon) usually, so this time when I was in the store, I picked up this shampoo too. Luckily, they also gave me some conditioner samples so I got a chance to try it too, without having to buy it. 

This happened a month ago and the reason I did not review it sooner was because I wanted to give it time and several tries. On several occasions, I used the shampoo both with and without the conditioner. Having done that, now finally, I feel confident enough to review this product
So how was my experience? Honestly, I am torn between average and bad. I have used several L'Occitane products before and this is the only one which has really disappointed me. Why do I say so? The shampoo is too dry, too rough on my hair. Although named a repairing shampoo, I felt that, it was actually more damaging than anything else. The first day that I used it, I did not feel such a stark difference in my hair but after the second or third wash, my hair felt actually like hemp and I had to use excessive amounts of serum to manage it. Another funny thing is, although it dries the hair so much, the next day it makes the scalp sticky and oily. Also it smells rather chemically!

I would give it that it did work better with the repairing conditioner. In fact the conditioner in itself is quite good. It is light and nourishing and not sticky at all (I used one of the sample pouches separately with another shampoo and it worked wonderfully). So, I might end up buying this conditioner.
So, my personal verdict for the L'Occitane repairing shampoo - not impressed!
Let me know if you have tried any shampoos or conditioners lately...did they work for you?

Monday, October 26, 2015

New Jeans!

Hi Lovelies!
It looks like I am turning a jeans lover after all!!
Just a month ago, I almost despised them (in fact I said so in two of my posts...oooops!) and this month I ended up buying two pairs. I mean what's up with that? I guess your preferences do change with age. Additionally, there is no denying that it is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing, more so during winters.
Surprisingly, I've never owned a pair of actual skinny jeans before. Honestly, I did not find them very comfortable in the past. Also I am a bit claustrophobic in super-tight clothes. However, this pair of Levi's is so comfortable, I could sleep in them. That reminds me, I did not sleep a wink last night, so, please excuse any errors in the post. Coffee at night - always a bad idea, unless you want to end up tossing in bed and cramping with hunger.
Anyhow, here are the pictures and as always, I am hoping that you all would like them.

Also, please drop some cute Halloween ideas in the comment box so that I can steal them and look pretty!


Photographer - Ashutosh Vidyrathi
Jeans - Levi's (similar here)
T-Shirt - Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren (similar here)
Jacket - Vince Camuto (worn here & here)
Ankle Boots - Just Fab (similar here)
Bag - Coach (worn here & here)
Watch - Swatch
Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back To The Future!

Hey All!
So today is 21st October 2015, the date to which Back to The Future-2 characters travel. Wondering how different is the actual year 2015 from the one predicted in BTTF2 - check out this link here.
I am celebrating this day with BTTF fashions. Okay, I admit that not all of those fashions were "cool" but the characters made it look so cute! Besides, who doesn't want those Nike self lacing shoes? Apparently, Michael J.Fox is getting one soon.
Shirt - MANGO, Vest - Buckle, Boyfriend Jeans - Wrap London
Shirt - A&F, Pin - Disney, Denim Jacket - Wrangler, Hoverboard - 

By the way, did you know that Pepsi released this limited edition bottle to celebrate the day?

So in 20 years from now, what would be your take on fashion?


Monday, October 19, 2015

Faux Leather Skirt!

Hello All!

Another week starts with fall inching to a close. The retreat of this season is not a pleasant sight, especially if you live in a place like Oregon, where a gorgeous fall is followed by a very wet, depressing winter. All the trees that were once covered with a lush blanket of reds and yellows are stripping down to stumps now. Dried leaves strewn everywhere, damp with the constant drizzling. Anyhow, seasons do that - they come and go, and so no point mooning over any one of them, right?
Anyhow, coming back to fashions, I love the look of leather but hate the real stuff for obvious reasons. As far as possible, I try to avoid real leather. So good quality faux leather is a great, cruelty-free and economical option for people like me. This skirt was another surprise gift from my hubby and so were these shoes and this bag. I wanted to put these together before it grew too cold. Since this weekend was reasonably warm, I did find my chance to get all dressy.

Photographer - Ashutosh Vidyarthi
 Shirt - Express (here)
Skirt - JustFab (similar here)
Shoes - JustFab (similar here)
Bag - JustFab (similar here)
Hat - H&M (worn here before)
Jacket - Vince Camuto (worn here before)
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Thursday, October 15, 2015

At FashioNXT!

Hey All!

Last Friday I attended the Portland FashioNXT event and it was fabulous. There were creative outfits, beautiful people and a gorgeous runway. On one hand, with designs from Walter Mendez, Stephanie D Couture and Dream Dresses by P.M.N, formal gowns, cocktail dresses and stunning bridal outfits ruled the ramp. While on the other hand, Lenzanita's ready to wear fashions were totally practical yet gorgeous. Michelle Lesniak's fashions were really quirky, sharp and creative, all in shades of forest green and all revolving around "pins". Neutral colors like blacks, nudes and whites, along with the brighter purples, reds and hunter/apple greens, were the most noticeable, both on and off the ramp.
On the day of the event, I was in a dilemma about my outfit. I did not want to go with the regular black or black & white (although most of my wardrobe IS black and white). Surprisingly, I also did not feel like wearing a dress which usually make for my favorite outfits. I had to dig deep to find these tribal print pants (worn here before) but when I finally did, I thought it was worth it. Several compliments came my way at the event, all due to these pants!


Photographer - Ashutosh Vidyarthi
 Pants - Banana Republic (here before)
Oversized Silk Shirt - Two by Vince Camuto (similar here)
Scarf - Old (similar here)
Bag - Coach (here before)
Phone Case - Coach (here before)
White Pumps - Michael Kors (similar here)
Golden SS Pearl Earrings - Pearl Paradise (here)
Watch - Fossil (similar here)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Inner Beauty!

Hola! Hola!

This is a post that has been long, LONG overdue. In fact, it should have been one of my first posts but for one reason or the other, I kept postponing it. So, I am grateful to Divya whose inquisitive texts today, finally pushed me into these forgotten, mysterious realms of the loveliest pieces of clothing  La Lingerie. Now, the world of lingerie is so huge that it is impossible to cover it all in one post. Hence today, I will deal with one that is the most confusing, and that is the brassiere or the bra.
My first attempts at buying a bra were clumsy at best. Where I grew up, discussing or pondering over lingerie, was taboo. All I could lay my hands on were uncomfortably starched cotton bras with straps that dug into my shoulders and made my back ache. As soon as I started donning them, I stopped playing or indulging in any sort of physical activity because those bras, and more importantly, the secrecy and shame associated with them, caused both mental and physical anguish. However, I overcame that shame with age and after numerous trials and errors, I have come a long way. I have also realized during this journey that it is very important for a young girl to get the right advice regarding something as important as bras. This is the garment that unknowingly builds or breaks a girl's confidence in herself. Whether she chooses to wear it or not, whether she wants to wear a certain kind or other, let it all be her choice - an informed choice.
So here I am, sharing whatever knowledge I have gained about bras till date. Check out the types of bras and when to wear which one.
The World of Bras
Padded - Wear it under a snug dress or top for the extra oomph OR/AND if you want to enhance your cup size.
Unlined - Wear it for a comfortable, light fit. You'd feel relaxed in it, especially if you are wearing some loose-fit top or shirt.
Balconet -  Wear it to feel like a diva and to give your breasts some extra upwards push.
Front Closure - Wear it when you are tired of the complex exercise involved in the opening/closing of your bra clasp OR just try it for a change. This bra is great fun!
Sports/Gym Bra - A must have in every girl's wardrobe. Make sure to wear it when you go running or indulge in any physical exercise. It helps prevent breast sagging and maintains shape but more importantly it is very comfortable. I wish I had found this bra when I was much younger.
Bralette - Wear it especially when you want to layer. This bra is stylish and casual enough to be worn on its own if need be. So, if it is too hot, you can shed your top or shirt and relax in your bra. Also, a fancy, lace bralette looks extremely stylish under a translucent shirt!
Halter - You need not wear it exclusively with a halter top or dress. This bra rocks even with casual tops or sporty tees.
Strapless/Multiway - My go to bra! This is the best invention in the garment industry. Wear it strapless, halter, one-shoulder, cross-back or regular. Say goodbye to the ugly, transparent plastic straps of the past and say hello to these bras. You can buy one with fancy straps, so you need not have to worry even if the straps show.
Plunge - As the name says, wear it with plunging necklines, with low-cut tops or dresses. Make sure this bra fits you well because an ill-fitting plunge bra will show up from the sides.
T-Shirt - Wear it especially with a snug t-shirt for a smooth, even look. Make sure that the bra has perfect coverage and does not dig into your skin.
Silicon Adhesives - Buy a good quality one and you never have to worry about your strapless bra slipping under your tube dress or your bra hook peeping through your perfect backless dresses.
Bandeau - Wear it when you lounge or rest at home. Make sure that you buy a fitted one so that it is neither too tight nor too slippery.
Wired Vs Unwired - Almost all the styles mentioned above are available in various stores, with or without an underwire. A wired bra gives more support and is a boon for those who seek a more defined shape. An unwired bra is more comfortable for others. 
Extra Pointers -
  • Give the bra a break and go a day or two every week, without it, at least at home.
  • Lay the bras flat in a box or drawer. Don't fold or hang them.
  • When making a purchase, make sure that the bra is snug but comfortable on the first hook. It will loosen with time so you will reach the last hook later in time.
  • If your bra is loose on the last hook, it is time to throw it away.
  • Never, ever wear plastic straps or straps that dig into your shoulders. Those transparent straps don't fool anyone as they are quite visibly there and they make you look uncomfortable.
  • If your bra strap or any other part of your bra shows, it is perfectly okay. Don't let people tell you it is immodest or unfashionable. It is a basic piece of clothing and there is no shame in it.
  • Last but not the least, if you are buying a very fancy bra, invest in matching panties too. A matching set looks gorgeous!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

White Again

Hi All!

There is nothing like a dreamy white dress. I had done a post, just a few days ago, in an all-white outfit (link here). However, before winter arrives in its full capacity, here I am again, with another breezy white dress.

By the way, I attended the Portland FashioNXT event last night. Caught glimpses of plenty of lovely outfits, and looking forward to sharing a few clicks with you all. I also shopped a little this week, so will share those pictures too. It feels like I am running short of handbags these days; my husband, vehemently disagrees! I have been looking for a handbag in beige or grey but haven't been able to find anything that fits my budget yet. I am still on the lookout and will definitely post pictures when I find it. I do talk a lot, don't I! I thought, I was talkative only in person, but it  looks like, I can manage all the blah-blah online too.

Coming back to this dress - it is again an old dress and my husband really loves it for some reason. He calls it the "fairy dress", thus making this dress, a special one for me too (blush) (blush). Another reason for why I love this dress is because it looks so 1980s. Hmmmm...I wonder now, if I could have done this shoot with fairy wings. Well, may be next time...

Till then, I hope you enjoy these pictures! Have a great weekend!!


Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - Old (similar here)
Shoes - Style & Co. (similar here)
Necklace and Choker - Forever21 (similar here)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dress the Shirt!

Hi All!

I love to mix and match my clothes as much as I love to buy new ones. It is, after all, such fun to create new outfits from older pieces. For example, this old, sleeveless, black dress that I have had for the last six or seven years, was getting bored sitting in the closet all by itself. So I decided to give it a little twist by pairing it with this shirt (worn here before), while at the same time, making it more fall-appropriate.
I bought these shoes a fortnight ago and decided to pair them with this outfit. The combination is a little quirky and old-school, and I really like the over all comfort, casualness and simplicity of it.
Here are some pictures...


Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - Old
Shirt - Ann Taylor (worn here before)
Shoes - Lauren Ralph Lauren (similar here and here)
Bag - Coach (worn here before)
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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Portland Fashion Week Opening!

Hey All!

So, I attended the Portland Fashion Week - Fall 2015's first night yesterday. On ramp were models displaying sustainable fashion. The outfits were gorgeous, my favorite being the Kate Couture's line of evening dresses and gowns. Plastics Make it Possible was a very unconventional and futuristic line too. The most wonderful sight was that the models displaying the lines were, of all shapes and sizes, unlike the monotonous, size-zero models at most fashion shows.

I wore black and white to the show - a windowpane dress, a black military inspired jacket and ankle-length booties. A black and white giraffe pouch purse completed the outfit. Oh, and my purse featured in the Oregonion; clicked by PDX Street Style photographer Beth Nakamura (link here)! 

Check out the pictures from last night!


Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - Abercrombie & Fitch (similar here)
Booties - Ann Taylor (wearing here before)
Bracelet - White House Black Market (wearing here before)
Jacket - Vince Camuto

At the PFW
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