Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Makeup Wishlist - MAC Lipsticks!

Hey All!

So, as is apparent, I am crazy about shopping for shoes, bags, jewelry, dresses and everything else under the sun (even grocery). However, my range of makeup, for some reason, is pretty limited. For example, when it comes to lipsticks, I can only pull out from my purse, either a red or a pink or, these days, a plum/wine. So, when I wanted to do a post on lipsticks, I handed the job to one of my more experienced girlfriends – the cute and chic Aditi who comes with a bagful of deliciously tempting MAC lipsticks. So let's see and drool and go shopping!

Hello ladies!!

This doesn’t happen to me daily that Rachna gives me an idea to do a guest blog for her!!

It is my first time writing a blog so please bear with me if I am not as seasoned as Rachna.

Let me introduce myself - I am Aditi and like all you people I am quite enthusiastic when it comes to fashion, gossiping,dressing and not to forget shopping!!

Recently I have been possessed with an undying love for MAC Lipsticks that gets stronger with every purchase. For all my shopping sprees, I must thank my dear hubby, Chandan who is an impressively patient shopping companion (and by the way, it is his cards that I use!).

So here are my top 9 Mac lipsticks. Below are the pictures of the shades in white light without flash.



This is a gorgeous, everyday pink-brown shade. It is cremesheen so it is moisturizing and looks so natural on the lips that you won’t feel you are wearing any lipstick. There are many MAC lipsticks in a similar shade but with different undertones - Mehr, Cosmo, Twig, Fastplay. If you consider buying this shade try on the similar ones too and then take your pick.


This is a grapefruit-pink shade that is light and very summery. The color speaks summer. It has luster and is moisturizing. Similar MAC shades - Shanghai Spice, Crosswire.


A lovely bright-red pink. It is one of my to-go lipsticks, looks great for casual wear. I have tried many MAC light pink lipsticks in a similar shade but I feel this one suits me the best; it is moisturizing and is subtly pretty.


Here on, the shades get more Bold and more Beautiful. This was one of my first MAC lipsticks and it is a bright pink shade, almost neon. I was quite scared to try this shade but now I love this!! I have been wearing it all summer. It is matte, so it wears longer. Although it is a bit dry, it doesn’t matter because the color is so pretty! Just moisturize your lips before wearing it. Similar MAC shade - Candy Yum Yum.


It took me a lot of courage to buy this one but now that I have, I love it. This too has a matte finish but is not very drying and the color stays for long. Similar orange-red MAC shades - Lady Danger, Vegas Volt, Chilli.


A bright plum matte lipstick which looks very chic on lips. This is, again, a very long wear lipstick and in fact, the color wouldn’t go even after a meal, which is great! Similar MAC shades - Show Orchid, Full Fuschia and Girl About Town.


As the name suggests, it is indeed all fired up!! Love this color and by far this is my favorite MAC fuchsia lipstick. This shade is very similar to another MAC lipstick that I had, Relentlessly Red, but its not the same. I would suggest this one to all the ladies who love fuchsia - this is the ultimate fuchsia lipstick!!


After a long list of pinks, fuchsias, etc, back to the good old classic red lipstick! This was one of my first MAC lipsticks. It's a beautiful red color that will suit every complexion. It is a limited edition lipstick. It's matte hence, long wear but not very drying. By far my favorite Red!! Similar MAC shades - Ruby Woo and Russian Red lipstick.


Finally THE COLOR FOR FALL!! A lovely berry plum shade; you might be apprehensive about this one but once you gather the courage to try it on, you will love it. This has a satin finish so it just glides over the lips and moisturizes well.
So these were my 9 MAC lipsticks! Hope the post was helpful for all you ladies.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Little White Dress

Hi All!

Whites and blacks are my all time favorites. There is nothing simpler yet trendier than an all-black, all-white or a black and white ensemble. Also, it is so easy to add a little color to a black or white outfit, if need or mood be. 
If  all-black outfits look slick, sexy and classy, the all white outfits yield a certain grace, prettiness and angelic charm. As a little girl, I was very fond of white dresses, especially ones with frills and flares. This fascination with white continues till date and to that, time has added a love for lace. So when I found this dress at Abercrombie & Fitch, it was a fashion dream materialize.
I love the flared bell-sleeves and the delicate work on the dress. My first instinct was to pair this dress with beige accessories but I did not feel like adultrating the warm whites. So, all white it was!
Normally I would have gone for pink/red lips and nails with this outfit but I am obsessed with plum/wine colored makeup this season.
Thank you for reading the post. Enjoy your weekend!

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
 Dress - Abercrombie & Fitch (similar here)
Sandals - Catwalk (India) (similar here)
Bracelet - White House Black Market (similar here)
On Nails - Maybelline Color Show Dressed to Kill (here)
On Lips - Maybelline Super Stay Wine and Forever (here)
I have entered this outfit for the Lookbook All White Challenge, so please hype me if you liked the outfit!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Day at Yellowstone!


Wrapped in a blanket, listening to some cool Bollywood music, drinking an atrocious cup of coffee and sorting out stuff for the blog -  life certainly doesn't seem too bad right this moment. If only life was a little more certain! If only one could see beyond this moment and make sure that this pleasantness would last forever. However, it is probably this uncertainty that keeps us alive. Who would want to watch a thriller or read a mystery wherein the climax has been revealed beforehand? It is probably this mystique of the unknown and our fixation with all things curious, that has made us humans, explore new lands, sail across the seas and soar through the skies. It is our sense of disinterest towards all things known, and all things regular, that draw us to art, music, dance and fashion. These are the things that make us human. In short, every time you want to buy a new dress or take an unaffordable trip, and feel guilty about it, just tell yourself that you are only human (grin) (grin)!
After that positively philosophical passage, getting back to the blog title. In the last post, I shared with you some pictures of my trip to Yellowstone National Park (link here) this month. As promised, sharing a few more. Hope you enjoy them.
These pictures are from our second and final day at the park. As I mentioned in the last post, the mornings and nights were chilly but the afternoons were pleasant. I had fewer layers on, as the jacket was very comfortably warm.



Jacket - Nike (worn here)
Leggings - Fabletics (similar here)
Sunglasses - Fastrack
Earrings - Banana Republic (similar here)


Monday, September 21, 2015

At Yellowstone!

Hola Chicas!

I suppose, I am an expert at whiling away time. That is probably the reason why despite being jobless right now, and being quite inept at household chores, I find myself without any surplus minutes. Surely this art should qualify as a legitimate talent. After all, not everyone can manage to waste time this efficiently.

Out of all the ways to kill time, my favorites are reading, writing and travelling (British sitcoms would be scraping second). The beginning of this month was filled with travel and it was pretty cool. The highlight of the travel certainly was our road trip to Yellowstone National Park. Sadly, we were there for just two days. Here are some pictures of the first day, hope you like them.

It was a bit chilly in the morning so I wore quite a few layers - a spaghetti top, a shirt dress, a denim jacket and leggings. I also had a scarf tucked in my bag but I didn't need it as it started getting warmer later. In fact, I had to get rid of a few layers by afternoon.

 Denim Jacket - Banana Republic (similar here)
Leggings - Victoria's Secret (similar here)
Shirt Dress - Provogue (similar here)
Sunglasses - Fastrack
Shoes - Nike (similar here)

 Second set of pics coming up soon!
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Last Week in Pictures - Part 2

Hey All!

In my last post I shared with you, pictures of the Beaverton city night market (link here). However, there was more that I did that week and that weekend.
We went to Cape Kiwanda too this Saturday and it was BEAUTIFUL! I assumed we were only going to the beach and hence went dressed in a breezy summer dress and strappy sandals. When I reached there, I realized that my husband had conveniently forgotten to tell me about the uphill hike. Thankfully I had a pair of sneakers in the car trunk and they worked fine. However, a hike in a tiny dress would not be something that I would want to do voluntarily.

The view did compensate for the troubles. Here are the pictures - hope you enjoy them!


Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - Forever 21 (worn here before)
Scarf - Esprit (worn here before)
Silver Hoops - Old
Sunglasses - Fastrack



Monday, September 14, 2015

Last Week in Pictures!

Hey All!

I haven't been able to post or write anything these last fifteen days and I have really missed it. On the other hand, the fortnight was packed with travel, food and fun...so that compensated for the loss. I have a lot of stuff to share, so I'll start with last weekend.

We were at the Beaverton Night Market this Saturday and it was so colorful, cheerful and jam-packed! There was amazing live music, and the aromas of falafels, teriyakis and spices were enough to make anyone's mouth water.
I bought a couple of homemade soap bars which smell lovely (yet to try them). I wore an asymmetrical gown (worn here before) and tiny heels. I had accessorized it with a belt and put on the jacket to keep the cold at bay.


Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
 Dress - H&M (worn here before)
Jacket - Vince Camuto (worn here before)
Pumps - Nine West (similar here)
Clutch - The Limited (similar here)