Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Flowers!

Hi Chicas!

I have recently been reading some rather depressing books and I have been compensating for all the literary moroseness by watching some dramatic but less emotional detective series like Murder She Wrote and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix. I am really fond of mysteries in general and those are about the only things I can tolerate on TV these days, apart from some good science fiction of course.  I would totally suggest the Poirot series to anyone who hasn't watched it yet. 
These series also prove to be a fantastic source of fashion inspiration.
So now, time for some flowers again. I know I am obsessed with florals all-year round but who isn't? They work in every season, compliment every color and brighten up any mood. They get even cooler and prettier in summer.
I got this dress around two weeks back and have been waiting to post it since then. I love the pink and red flowers and it fits loose and comfy all over so it is the perfect dress for a hot, sunny day.

Hope you like it...
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Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - Forever21 (similar here)
Clutch - Van Heusen (similar here)
Sandals - Bebe (similar here)
Silver Earrings - Old



  1. I like this dress! And that is really saying something because in most cases I am super picky when it comes to floral patterns and I only like a select few of them. I also really love the television show Poirot! So I am glad to see someone else appreciating it as well ^^

    1. I appreciate the compliment Olivia, more so because it comes from a picky chooser! :) And yes I really love Poirot, especially the first few seasons with Hastings and Miss Limon.. :D