Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Goodbyes!

Hey All!

Taking a last look at the hues of the retreating season, before summer finally turns to fall,. I am talking yellows, I am talking pinks. The last chance to hold on to these sunny shades before we clad ourselves in navy, purple, tan or mustard. The last chance to slip into a pair of shorts before we start donning those thick trousers and tea-length dresses.
In fact, Oregon seems to have forgotten all about fall this year. The weather has apparantly leaped to cold, wet winters straightaway. Luckily it was a bit warm this Saturday and I was able to wear this for an outing. So here you go...hope you like the outfit!



Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Shirt & Clutch- Banana Republic (similar here/ similar here)
Shorts - Ann Taylor (similar here)
Shoes - Kelly & Katie (similar here)
Watch - Swatch

Friday, August 28, 2015

Velvet Dreams!


Summer is almost here and autumn is around the corner. The coming season calls for simple luxurious fabrics and fashions. I love silks and velvets; the first one certainly works all year round but the latter is more perfect for autumn.
I remember seeing a rich blue velvet dress when I was a really young girl, and falling in love with it. Sadly, I didn't find one in my size then, and I have been looking for that perfect velvet dress ever since. Luckily for me, there is a lot to choose from this season! Currently, I am undecided between a velvet jacket and a velvet purse - It may just happen that I end up buying both...

Printed Velvet Dress and Velvet Palazzo Pants- Zara, Velvet Kimono and Velvet Jacket - MANGO, Plum Velvet Romper - ASOS, Velvet Bags and Velvet Loafers- ASOS, Pin Hair Tie - Marc by Marc Jacobs 
And here are some celebs in stunning velvet pieces.
Which is your favorite celebrity style?


Monday, August 24, 2015

Simple Pleasures - Jeans & Tee

Hi All!

At times it is nice to kick back and keep it super simple - don't you think so?
Although I am not a huge fan of denim jeans, I do like their occasional comfort (worn here & here). I usually team them up with wrinkle-free shirts or plain tees; I do prefer long tees to anything else. I got this top for $7 at a super-duper clearance sale...though I forget where from!
Oh, by the way we saw a lot of smoke from a huge wildfire in east Oregon and Washington. There was an unhealthy air warning that limited our outings over the weekend. So, we sat and watched The Vicar of Dibley all day long, both days..who says staying at home is boring?
Anyhow, I do hope you like the outfit!

Photographer - Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Long T-Shirt - Old (similar here)
Pumps - Calvin Klein (worn here before)
Phone Case - Coach (similar here)
Necklace - Street Find
Watch - Swatch

Monday, August 17, 2015

Shirt-Up the Sari!

Hey Chicas!
This weekend my country celebrated its 69th year of Independence. On account of globalization of the working world, at times we find ourselves away from our families and friends even at times of celebrations. There, luckily, was quite a grand celebration of the Indian Independence Day at Portland downtown on Sunday. There were beautiful music and dance performances along with fab food and fun. It was really crowded though, so I wasn't able to take any photographs of the performances. Besides, there were too many culinary distractions to keep me away from my camera.
I did take a few pictures of my outfit once I got home. This sari was one of my wedding gifts from my mom and I love the color and the super soft feel of it. It has a rather fancy blouse that goes with it but it was too sparkly for the day. I did want to wear this sari but couldn't find anything else that would work with it, and that is when I thought of the shirt.

I hope you like the outfit and the pictures!

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

How To Do Black & White like Emma Watson!

Hi All!

Emma Watson is a celebrity who always finds the perfect balance between classic and modern dressing. I especially love the way she puts together the simplest, plainest pieces and still looks impeccably dressed. Her choice of colors is usually quite grown-up, although she occasionally sparkles in brighter, younger hues (of course they compliment her age and sweet features beautifully).
Her choice of monochrome and neutral colors, makes it quite easy for us to pick up some outfit ideas. Black and white seem to be one of her favorite couplings and she does them really well. Here are some of her outfits in black and white, and cool, easy, more affordable ways to put them together.

 Shirt - H&M,  Dungrees - Levi's, Shoes - Vans, Wallet - Henri Bendel and Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

Top - H&M, Pants - McQ by Alexander McQueen, Shoes - Zara, Cuff - BaubleBar and Ring - Kate

Tee - Lacoste, Jeans - Topshop, Boots - Jessica Simpson, Bag - Pietro Alessandro, Wallet - FOSSIL, Jacket - Choies and Scarf - Jules Smith

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

White Shirt Through Summer & Fall

Hola! Hola!

How have you been doing the last few days? I have been reading hungrily of late and whatever time literary pursuits spare me, I am investing in online window shopping. As I have said before, I hate short-lived fashion trends and that is because I hate any kind of waste. Waste and irresponsible production are the reasons a lot of thoughtful, environment conscious people have come to abhor fashion. It is as bad as wasting food because the labour and resources needed to put together a simple dress is as tremendous as making bread and it makes no sense if you throw it after posting a single instagram selfie in it. To me fashion is art and it is an artist's calling to reuse the same stuff to create different, yet all beautiful things. That is the only fashion law that I abide by - feel beautiful without remorse.  
There is this one piece of clothing that would always work with this law and no snobbish fashion police will dare attack it, however hard they try. Yes, it is the good old white shirt. It works equally well in offices, restaurants and clubs. That is what makes it a better wardrobe staple than the cute LBD you love.
Here is how I would want to wear my white shirt in summer and in autumn. Hope you like it!

Shirt -  H&M, Shorts - GUESS, Dungrees - Nelly , Sandals & Bucket Bag - Abercrombie & Fitch,  Scarf - John Lewis, Eye Shadow - Clinique, Nailpaint - NARS Cosmetics, Sunscreen - Aveeno, Sunglasses - Persol

Shirt & Jacket (look for a faux-leather jacket) - H&M, Skirt &Bag - Zara, Sneakers - Adidas Originals, Sunglasses - Ray-Ban, Lipstick - NARS Cosmetics
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Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Flowers!

Hi Chicas!

I have recently been reading some rather depressing books and I have been compensating for all the literary moroseness by watching some dramatic but less emotional detective series like Murder She Wrote and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix. I am really fond of mysteries in general and those are about the only things I can tolerate on TV these days, apart from some good science fiction of course.  I would totally suggest the Poirot series to anyone who hasn't watched it yet. 
These series also prove to be a fantastic source of fashion inspiration.
So now, time for some flowers again. I know I am obsessed with florals all-year round but who isn't? They work in every season, compliment every color and brighten up any mood. They get even cooler and prettier in summer.
I got this dress around two weeks back and have been waiting to post it since then. I love the pink and red flowers and it fits loose and comfy all over so it is the perfect dress for a hot, sunny day.

Hope you like it...
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Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - Forever21 (similar here)
Clutch - Van Heusen (similar here)
Sandals - Bebe (similar here)
Silver Earrings - Old


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Perfect Match

I am so in the mood for a trip lately. However, our last trip to Hawaii and my recent birthday gifts have dug deep holes in our pockets! Thankfully, I currently live in Oregon and road-trips are affordable and fascinating. Maybe in the next few weeks we will be able to take a day trip.
Meanwhile, I am scrounging shops and surfing the internet for trend revivals. There seem to be some spring trends which are now showing up again everywhere. One of it is the coordinated/matching pieces trend. Whether it is with matching pants and blouses or matching skirts and tops, the resulting outfits are classy yet quirky.
My favorite brand that is reviving this trend beautifully is Zara. It is a pity we do not have Zara stores in Portland, but I am really fascinated with some of these pieces and am considering ordering the reddish skirt and jacket online. 
What do you say? Which one of these is your favorite?
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Monday, August 3, 2015

3 Ways to Rock the Check Shirt!

I posted my take on the check shirt the last time with simple shorts and sneakers(link here). Since I shop on a limited budget, I try to figure out all the ways I can use what I buy. While I was figuring out ways to use this particular shirt, I came up with these outfits.
So sharing with you, the three ways I would like to style my shirt..
How would you like to work this shirt into your own amazing outfit? Share your ideas through the comment box!

3 Ways to do Check Shirt this Summer!

Outfit1: Shirt - Abercrombie & Fitch, Straw Hat - Ililily, Lace Top - Abercrombie & Fitch, Button Front Skirt - Topshop, Nude Sandals - H&M

Outfit 2: Shirt - Abercrombie & Fitch, Distressed Shorts - Amazon, Shoes - Converse, Fringed Backpack - H&M

Outfit 3: Shirt - Abercrombie & Fitch, Trousers - Zara, Shoes - Aldo, Crossbody Bag - Brooke Brothers

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Check Out the Checks!

Hey All!
After my fixation with stripes (wearing here and here), I have fallen in love with checks. I adore black and white ones the best of course, and have started making place for some in my closet. So, you will surely be seeing some checks on my blog, in the weeks to come!
It was my birthday yesterday. To celebrate, we went for a casual lunch to the Cascade Dining Room at the Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood. In the evening, we watched an Opera performance (Elixir of Love at the Newmark Theatre, Portland). It was very hot during the day, even at the mountain top and this is what I wore, trying to keep it cool, casual yet a little dressy. Will be posting my Opera outfit very soon!

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
 Shirt - Abercrombie & Fitch (similar here)
Shorts - Forever New (similar here)
Bag - Coach (wearing here)
Shoes - Nike (similar here)
Pearl Earrings - Pearl Paradise (here)
Watch - Swatch