Monday, July 27, 2015

Quick Style - Denim Skirt!


My favorite outfits are those which can be put together in a jiffy and still look perfect (similar outfit here). And, nothing beats such quick-dressing like denims.
Honestly, I am not very fond of  the "Denim Jeans" and I own only two pairs, which mostly serve as a lazy back-up, if I am not in a mood to put together any other outfit. However, I love all other denim pieces like skirts and shorts and jackets and shirts. A denim skirt or a pair of denim shorts say summer better than anything else (in denim shorts here). Besides, denims are a great investment as they literally last forever. I have had this skirt for a very long time now and I have worn it over and over. It is so easy to manage and so versatile that it works anywhere from a beach to a fancy brunch.
This time, I have paired it with a printed shirt that I bought this weekend. I feel that the shirt brings a semi-formal feel to the outfit. I have kept it extremely simple with a pair of white ballet flats and some delicate bracelets. I didn't even carry a bag as the skirt had enough pocket-space to hold my lip-gloss and phone!

So, let me know how you liked this quick and easy outfit...

Photographer - Ashutosh Vidyarthi
 Shirt - Ann Taylor (similar on sale here)
Skirt - Very Old (similar here)
Bracelets - Forever21 (similar here)
Flats - H&M (similar on sale here)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nike's Friends and Family Event!

Hi All!

I am not very fond of sportswear; shoes or apparel. I do not run or workout much and hence, my "workout gear" only comprises of comfy t-shirts, walking shoes and a couple of stretch pants. However, from time to time, I do like slipping into a comfy pair of colorful running shoes and neon/fluorescent tops.
So, I shopped at Nike's Friends and Family Sale Event today. The store was awfully crowded and the billing lines were really long, but it was pretty well-managed. Anyhow, the prices and discounts made up for any inconvenience. We (I and Ashu) bought four pairs of shoes and some work out clothes between the two of us. I felt the best purchase was a red jacket that I picked up for a very reasonable price.
Sharing some pictures, of the event and the purchases, with you. I took these pictures late at night, after a long day so please excuse the bad lighting and the exhausted looks.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

10 Tricks to Wearing Heels Like a Pro

Hi Friends!

You saw my shoe collection last time (link here). So as you can see, I have some flats and kitten heels for the days I seek comfort. However, my love for high heels is what makes my heart happy and my feet fatigued.


Over the years, I have picked up a few pointers from various sources (and my own experiments) to ease the mighty yet slick task of strutting in heels. As promised, sharing a few of these style cheats with you!

I know it is heart-breaking to pass up an enticing pair, just because they are half a size smaller or bigger, but do it. They are not worth mangling your feet or getting bunions. So hold your heart still and look will find the perfect one soon enough. 

Do not try walking through that huge parking lot or mall in six inch heels, at the first go. I would suggest starting with kitten heels and moving up through the heel height, subsequently.

When you walk, step on your heels first and then put the toes down. Do not try putting your whole foot down at once unless you are in flats.

It can be tempting to rush your walk when you are in pain and get it over with. However strong this temptation, don't yield to it, unless you want a fractured leg and a long leave from office.

This helps ease the pressure on your feet. "Physics baby!!"

While you stand, arch one of your legs a little by bending your knee - like celebrities do! Alternate between the legs to give them both equal rest. It is not just top style but a matter of relief for your knees and feet too.
Whenever you find the time and energy, walk around in heels around the house.
Use them regularly for your high-heeled shoes. They really help reduce the pressure and hence, the pain. I am using the Scholl
inserts and they are really helpful.

Keep a pair of flats in the bag and bring them out once you walk out of that tiring party. Give your feet that much needed rest.

Show your feet some love. Pamper them with a foot soak at home or a nice spa massage to get them ready for the next catwalk.

Have fun and enjoy those skyscrapers!

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shoe Story!

Hi Babes!

When I had posted an item about summer shoes last time (link here), some of you had suggested posting another one with my own shoe collection. Unfortunately, my husband /photographer was too busy to help me out with the shoot. It needed some elaborate arrangements and nothing was working out initially. Finally we have been able to work out some pictures which I am sharing with you here. 

Like most of you, I too am shoe mad. It often happens that I see an unaffordable but gorgeous pair of stilettos in a store, come back home empty-handed and dream about them at night. Despite my little pocket, I have managed to make a decent collection of pumps, sandals, boots and such. I usually prefer comfort over style but when it comes to shoes, that rule goes straight out of the window.

So, here is my small, private party of footwear - some pain-free, some painless, but ALL pretty to me!

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Watch out for tips to wear heels with ease, in the next post!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jump into a Jumpsuit!


Bored of skirts, jeans and sundresses? Try the evergreen, ever-young and ever-so-sexy jumpsuit.
This sumptuous piece of clothing has been forever, but it still retains its fresh, seductive, playful charm. It provides you, the fashionista, a much-needed respite from the regular wardrobe staples. It can be as conservative or as revealing as you like. You can go with short denim jumpsuits for the beach picnic and pick-up an ankle-length piece for the office. Take a strapless jumpsuit to the discotheque and wear a flared-bottom one to a fancy dinner. Furthermore, there are so many ways, a single jumpsuit can be dressed up or down, as per the mood and the venue.
I bought this jumpsuit around four to five years back, so, it is hardly a new addition to my closet. I find it really relaxing to slip into it and feel comfy and stylish at the same time. As I said before, it is absolutely easy to dress it up or down, just by adding the right accessories. Here, I have added a plain watch and a breezy layered necklace. It was sunny, hence the shades. I love matching my bags and shoes and I did just that for this outfit.
Here come the pictures...

Photographer - Ashutosh Vidyarthi

Jumpsuit - Old (similar here)
Bag and Shoes - Lauren Ralph Lauren (here & here)
Watch - Fossil (worn here)
Sunglasses - Vero Moda (similar here)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Love for Houndstooth

Hi Everybody!

How did the weekend treat you? I suppose, like me, at least some of you have been half roasted and baked by now. The unforgiving heat proves beyond doubt that global warming is no joke. Hopefully we learn a lesson and do whatever is in our capacity to prevent further damages.

Meanwhile, some tips to deal with the heat :
- Have a glass of water with a dash of lemon, the first thing in the morning.
- Make sure to have at least 1 fruit with high water-content as a pre-breakfast snack.
- Keep a bottle of water or ice tea (without sugar) handy at all times.
- As far as possible, wear light cotton or linen outfits and use a good, non-greasy sunscreen anytime you step out in the sun.

Now for today's post, a revival of my old houndstooth skirt.

I did post pictures last year in the same skirt, and back then, I had paired it with a red blazer (here). This time, I kept the outfit just a simple black and white. I only added a brooch that I had picked up at...oopsssss..the Dollar Store! It matches the skirt perfectly, and my dollar pays off.

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi

Skirt - Vero Moda (worn here before)
Top - Only (similar here)
Bag - Coach (used here before)
Brooch - Dollar Tree
Ballet Flats - H&M (similar here)
Watch - Swatch
Charm Bracelets - Pandora (Essence Collection)