Monday, October 27, 2014

Diwali - Glitter, Glam and Gourmet!

Diwali is an Indian festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and truth over deceit. The story of Diwali is based on the epic tale of Ramayana.  However, I will not discuss it here as it would be a really long post if I do so and although the festival has its origin in Hindu scriptures, in India, people of every religion celebrate it - just like Christmas, Eid or Gurunanak Jayanti. Moreover, since I was a kid, I have been too busy feasting and being merry to dwell upon the religious aspect of any holiday.
The streets on Diwali night are filled with strings of lights and the houses glitter with innumerable rows of diyas (lamps) and candles. The aroma of delicious sweets and snacks emanates from every house. Everyone dons his/her best traditional outfit and shares gifts with friends and family. Holidays are indeed happy times!
Alas! This time I and my hubby were a long, long way from home on Diwali. So, to escape all the loneliness, we decided to make the best of it. We did a lot of cooking (although it was not even half the amount of cooking that is done back home on Diwali), lit a few candles and dressed up traditionally.
Here are the pictures. Hope you enjoy it!

The Outfit:
Red & Golden Sari and Blouse with Crystal and Bead Work (similar here), Golden Jhumkas(earrings)(similar here), Red Glass Bangles (similar here) - Local Indian Boutiques and Street Vendors

Sandals - Inc 5

The Food (Anti-clockwise -- 1st picture):
Aloo Rasa (Potato Curry)

Matar Paneer (Cottage Cheese and Peas with Spices)
Tamatar ki Chutney (Sweet Tomato Chutney)
Kachori (Deep Fried Stuffed Indian Bread)
Pulao (Fragrant Indian Rice Tempered with Spices and Dry Fruits)
Badami Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding with Ground Almonds)

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi

My friends and readers who have not yet visited India, do consider visiting India during Diwali or any such festival and you will certainly have a lot of fun! :)


  1. You look absolutely stunning! Holidays are always the hardest time to be away from home and family, but I love the fact that you celebrated anyway. The food is making my mouth water - I love Indian cuisine, or at least the version of it we have here in the UK. One day I'll have to go to India and see how it measures up to the real thing! Happy Diwali! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Thanks a lot Kate! And you must try to visit India atleast once..I am sure you will have an absolutely fun trip! :)

  2. Ohh my gosh these are such beautiful photos! You look incredibly gorgeous and the food looks fantastic! I really hope you had an amazing time, despite the fact that you are away from home--I agree with Kate--it's the hardest!
    Happy belated Diwali!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  3. This looks so fun & your outfit is beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  4. Nice image shared regarding sari images. Block printed saree give attractive and elegant look.

  5. you look beautiful, dear! I also like the other photos, especially the food looks so yummy :-)
    Rathana ••

    1. Thank you Rathana! I am glad you liked the pictures. :)

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