Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sun, Sand & Sea

Hi Friends,

This time, sharing with you some pictures of my recent visit to Seaside, Oregon. It is a small yet beautiful beach which is pleasantly not-so-crowded most of the time. Fire pits are easily available and you can smell delicious s'mores all around. We wanted to dig a fire pit and roast a few marshmallows ourselves but felt too lazy a few sandwiches later...so we settled for just the smell!
I absolutely love the sea and usually can not wait to get splashy. Unfortunately, the beaches of Oregon, in all their amazing scenic beauty are useless when it comes to swimming. Even though the sun was pretty much right above our heads when we reached, the water was chilly. The sand, which we expected to burn under our feet, was pretty cold too.
So glad I carried my jacket!
Our Picnic Lunch

The Beach
The person usually behind the camera! :)

Outfit: Maxi Dress - H&M, Jacket - Vince by Vince Camuto, Sandals - G by Guess, Sunglasses - Aldo, Pendant - Street Find


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Of Blacks, Whites and Reds!

Hello Chicas!
I agree that the trend of matching shoes, bags and accessories has been long over. However, I am totally into being matchy-matchy this season. Of course, matching your whole outfit may not be the best idea but matching a few pieces definitely helps you look really coordinated and classy. Armed with that excuse, I recently bought matching shoes for almost all my bags and vice-versa.
Below I added some red sparks to an otherwise dull black and white shirtdress - bright pops of colors can even make old, boring prints look glam!

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
 Bag - Lauren Ralph Lauren
Pointed Pumps - Guess
Dress - Forever21
Flower Pin - Street Find

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Blossoms - Floral Skirt

Hi All,

With the temperatures soaring and the hemlines rising, here is an absolute summer favorite of mine - a floral, flared mini skirt. I have been shopping and window shopping a lot this month and there are so many fabulous skirt styles this season that it has been extremely tough to leave so many of them behind in the stores!
The thing that I love about this skirt is how it perfectly cinches the waist and how well it flares from below there without looking boxy. Plus it has so many pops of beautiful colors. Pair it with a monochorome top and matching heels and it looks absolutely soothing in the scorching weather.

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Floral Skirt - Express
Bell-Sleeve Top - Forever New
Shoes - Style&Co.
Clutch - Van Heusen