Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shower Power

Everything feels better after a nice and warm shower!
Sharing my current list of shower essentials with you.


I shampoo almost every alternate day and I like to alternate between two shampoos. For regular use I like the lightweight Ginger Shampoo from The Body Shop (here). It is really gentle on the scalp and prevents flaking. Once a week, I use my favorite, feel good BIG Salt shampoo from LUSH (here). This shampoo gives so much volume that it is hard to believe AND it is totally nature friendly. I use the Coconut Lime Breeze shower gel from Bath and Body Works (here/others) because it smells just heavenly and is very gentle on the skin. For face cleansers I use either the Tea Tree cleanser from The Body Shop (here)..which I just ran out of..or the Lakme Fruit Blast face wash (from India).

My hair is really dry so I use the Lóréal Absolute Repair hair mask (from India) or the Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter from The Body Shop (here). as an alternative to conditioner (options).  It just works better for me! I use the Coconut Lime Breeze from Bath and Body Works yet again for the body cream  (here). For my legs however, I use the The Body Shop Satsuma Body Oil (here) as my legs tend to get drier, especially during winters. As for my face, I have used the Vitamin E Illuminating moisturizer from The Body Shop (here) for many years now and I totally love this product. It is very smooth and lightweight and lends a glowing softness to your face.

These are my after-shower special tit-bits and some extra essentials!
Satsuma Body Mist and Pomegranate Body Spray from The Body Shop (here), Grapeseed Glossing Hair Serum from Body Shop (here) and Keihls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Serum (here)

 P.S.: I use a lot of Body Shop products as they are more nature friendly than many other brands I have tried and they are very gentle on the skin/hair. Same goes for LUSH.



  1. I use so much heat on my hair, the body shop hair butter looks so nice, might have to try it!
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    1. Hey! Thanks. Yes the hair butter is really can give it a try with the small travel size jar. Thank you for following me. I am already following you :)

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  4. Rachna..this is super cool and so helpful..i have been following all your blogs..
    can you recommend a nice body scrub from body shop..or any other brand that you have been using?

    1. Hi Priya! Thank you for your kind words :)
      I recommend the following based on skin types-
      Cocoa Butter Cream Scrub from The Body Shop - Dry Skin (
      Olive Body Scrub from The Body Shop - Normal Skin
      LUSH Ocean Salt Scrub/Body Clear Body Scrub by Neutrogena - Oily Skin

      I do not use scrubs very often but I have used the 2nd one and it is very good :)