Saturday, April 19, 2014

Navy & Black

These two royal, classic and most elegant colors are my very favorites. I usually wear them as separates with other brighter colors as they both make great neutrals. However, today I decided to put these two together. After a long time the day was beautiful and sunny, so I and my husband decided to grab some coffee. Took some pictures on the way. To begin with, I tied my hair casually into an easy ponytail without any hairspray or hair clips. Unfortunately it was terribly windy and my hair was in a very bad shape half way through. So, I had to untie it to stop looking like a porcupine!

Using these colors to put together an outfit for office is a perfectly safe yet chic idea. The same look can be taken to a club or a dinner with a statement gold necklace, a nice top bun and a pair of high heels (I will post a few pictures some time soon with the alternate look). 


Photo Credits: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
All the pieces in these photographs are very old or gifted. So I have alternatively provided links for similar options below.
Navy Top - Chemistry (similar: spend here/save here)
Black Pants - Chemistry (similar: spend here/save here)
Strappy Sandals - Catwalk (similar: spend here/save here)
Earrings - Tribal Zone (similar: spend here/save here)
Bracelet - A gift (similar: spend here/save here)


  1. This is a lovely look! I always think navy and black together looks so sophisticated. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Thank you Kate :) I get so inclined towards these colors while shopping that my wardrobe is almost blue & black :P

  2. Nice shirt! I have one similar to it :3 I must say though, that colour is fab. You really do make the right choices ;)

    1. Thanks a bunch dear!
      Thats very sweet of you. :)