Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Orange Love!


Technically, I went window shopping last weekend but ended up falling in love with this dress and buying it, of course. I loved the slightly wrinkled texture and the amazing color of this dress. The beautiful, asymmetrical cut was the icing on the cake!
I adore the neckline since it has an Egyptian feel to it. The dress had come without the belt. I used my belt from a different dress. I am posting photographs both ways below. I liked it much better with the belt as it seems to give the dress some structure and is more flattering. It also gives a lovely flare to the dress.


Original Dress(Without Belt)
Photo Credits: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Asymmetrical Dress - H&M
Shoes - Catwalk (India)
Bracelet - Express
Belt - From another dress (used before here)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Perfect Easy Spring Dress

Hi Fellas
I purchased a cute, strappy, floral dress past week which I had plans of wearing to a brunch last Sunday. Unfortunately, the weather has been really gruesome and depressing the past few days which has prevented any excursions. So any possibility or opportunity to dress up was completely squashed.
However I was so tempted to put on the dress that I did so today despite the constant drizzle (what a load of trouble a girl can go through for the love of a new dress)!! My husband was yet again obliging enough to share and encourage my craziness by taking charge of the camera. Sharing some of the pictures.
By the way we did have a lot of fun in the rain despite the chilly weather and on-lookers who thought we both were crazy!

                                                                Photo Credits: Ashutosh Vidyarthi

Floral Dress - Old Navy
White Pumps - Style & Co.
Cropped Jacket - Bebe

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Navy & Black

These two royal, classic and most elegant colors are my very favorites. I usually wear them as separates with other brighter colors as they both make great neutrals. However, today I decided to put these two together. After a long time the day was beautiful and sunny, so I and my husband decided to grab some coffee. Took some pictures on the way. To begin with, I tied my hair casually into an easy ponytail without any hairspray or hair clips. Unfortunately it was terribly windy and my hair was in a very bad shape half way through. So, I had to untie it to stop looking like a porcupine!

Using these colors to put together an outfit for office is a perfectly safe yet chic idea. The same look can be taken to a club or a dinner with a statement gold necklace, a nice top bun and a pair of high heels (I will post a few pictures some time soon with the alternate look). 


Photo Credits: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
All the pieces in these photographs are very old or gifted. So I have alternatively provided links for similar options below.
Navy Top - Chemistry (similar: spend here/save here)
Black Pants - Chemistry (similar: spend here/save here)
Strappy Sandals - Catwalk (similar: spend here/save here)
Earrings - Tribal Zone (similar: spend here/save here)
Bracelet - A gift (similar: spend here/save here)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pastel Cheat Sheet

I am mesmerized seeing pastel colors bloom magnificently this spring. These candy colors are no longer restricted to the wardrobe of little children. You can see them on everyone, everywhere! The colors look so pretty and delicious that you would want to grab a bite of everything you see.

The trouble remains that there are a lot of wildly different trends this season and most of us have little in our pockets to satiate our hunger for all these trends. So, many of us might give up on updating our wardrobes thinking its too much of an expenditure which only celebs can bear.

But if only money could buy a sense of fashion, celebs would never have goof up moments and disastrous outfits ever...would they??The fact is, one does not necessarily need a lot of money to put one's best fashion foot forward! With a little planning and smart investment, anyone can nail this trend easily without going broke.

So find here, a little idea of the kind of pastel pieces you can collect for your wardrobe within $50.

If clothes, shoes and bags are not on your mind go for pastel makeup items. They compliment wonderfully all the soft, light colors and give a beautiful contrast to the darker shades. My favorite items are pastel nail paints and lip colors.



Saturday, April 12, 2014

All That Glitters!

Hi There,

I must say, this season is glittering with metallic colors - silver, gold, bronze, copper..you just name it! There was a time when metals only meant jewellery. Now there is a huge canvas ranging from shoes to bags to clothes to hair bands and back to jewellery.

I had bought a metallic dress almost a year back but never wore it (like we all do with a lot of our clothes). I was just trying it on this Sunday and took a few pictures..posting them below. I also tried wearing it as a top with a pair of formal shorts!

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Dress - Old (options)
Shoes - Calvin Klein
Shorts - Forever New
Necklace - Chemistry
Earrings - Aldo
Wearing Metallic

  1. The Metal - Although all metals shine beautifully on everyone, it is still better to choose the metal tones carefully. Cool skin tones favor silver, platinum, and white gold whereas Warm skin tones favor gold, pewter, brass, and copper (read note at the end). However, the choices differ from person to person and there is no specific rule for this. Just be sure you like what you buy and that it pairs well with the other items in your wardrobe.
  2. The Item - If you have to safely invest in just one metal colored item go for a bag. A metallic bag is easier to mix and match with various pieces of clothing. You can also go for shoes but you need to be sure if they would fit in with your existing clothes. If you are as crazy as me, go all the way and buy a metallic top or dress...it is fun!

Note: Is your skin tone warm or cool? By comparing your veins that can be seen through the skin (usually best place to find them is under your wrist or elbow). If they are more on the blue side, you have a cool skin tone. People who have cool skin tones usually have anywhere from light blue to dark brown eyes. Cool skin tones are most common, including people who have dark brown or tanned skin. If your veins have a more greenish tint, you have a warm skin tone.

 Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shower Power

Everything feels better after a nice and warm shower!
Sharing my current list of shower essentials with you.


I shampoo almost every alternate day and I like to alternate between two shampoos. For regular use I like the lightweight Ginger Shampoo from The Body Shop (here). It is really gentle on the scalp and prevents flaking. Once a week, I use my favorite, feel good BIG Salt shampoo from LUSH (here). This shampoo gives so much volume that it is hard to believe AND it is totally nature friendly. I use the Coconut Lime Breeze shower gel from Bath and Body Works (here/others) because it smells just heavenly and is very gentle on the skin. For face cleansers I use either the Tea Tree cleanser from The Body Shop (here)..which I just ran out of..or the Lakme Fruit Blast face wash (from India).

My hair is really dry so I use the Lóréal Absolute Repair hair mask (from India) or the Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter from The Body Shop (here). as an alternative to conditioner (options).  It just works better for me! I use the Coconut Lime Breeze from Bath and Body Works yet again for the body cream  (here). For my legs however, I use the The Body Shop Satsuma Body Oil (here) as my legs tend to get drier, especially during winters. As for my face, I have used the Vitamin E Illuminating moisturizer from The Body Shop (here) for many years now and I totally love this product. It is very smooth and lightweight and lends a glowing softness to your face.

These are my after-shower special tit-bits and some extra essentials!
Satsuma Body Mist and Pomegranate Body Spray from The Body Shop (here), Grapeseed Glossing Hair Serum from Body Shop (here) and Keihls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Serum (here)

 P.S.: I use a lot of Body Shop products as they are more nature friendly than many other brands I have tried and they are very gentle on the skin/hair. Same goes for LUSH.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Savannah


The past week flew by quickly while I was busy fixing up my blog and attending to mundane domestic chores. Updating the blog took a lot of time as I am technically inept to say the least. However, I did manage to do it all by myself...so...Yay and whew!! Hope you all like the new look..

Now coming to the part I love..clothes!!

I always tend to safely wear animal prints with black and other neutral colors. This time I thought why not pack a punch of color. So, this weekend I paired my animal print top with a bright orange bandage skirt and color block sandals which are super cool this season. Since it still tends to get cold in the evenings, I carried a black zip up coat (it was pretty warm that day so never got a chance to put it on). To complete the look I double wrapped a multilayer long golden chain around my neck.


Photo Credits: Ashutosh Vidyarthi

Animal Print Top - Only
Bandage Skirt - Street Find(Rs.300/$6.00)
Color-Block Sandals - Aldo
Golden Chain - TonyQ
Coat - Michael Kors