Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Pencil Skirt

Smart, sensual, classy and professional - The pencil skirt is all and more! Take it anywhere from a mall to a party to an office and it fits like a dream. Keep it short and sexy or wear it long. Keep it bold and colorful or wear it neutral. It gives you all the needed variety you want and can be paired with tops, coats, blazers and so on. I even tuck my body con dresses inside to make them work like tops and - VoilĂ  I have a new outfit!

The pencil skirt is as much of a fashion staple as the Little Black Dress. Yet a lot of us shy away from it, blaming heavy thighs, posterior and less than perfect waists. It is true that this skirt does villianously accentuate some unwanted curves but it also highlights our best features if worn the right way.

Instead of shunning it all together why not try to work around it and find the wearable fit for each one of us!!

First things first. Let us face it, unlike models, most of us do not have a 10 on 10 bod...and we do not really need to. Looking good does not require a perfect body and therefore does not necessarily require spending 3 hours in a gym everyday or never eating cake. We all have certain body areas we shy away from flaunting. However, we also do have some areas we would be proud of and it is imperative to be aware of our assets.
The art of dressing is being conscious of one's own body and being comfortable and happy in what one wears. After that one just needs a little reflection - what to veil and what to reveal.

              Image credits: www.vogue.com 

So, lets see how each one of us can work this fashion staple to our best advantages.

Not-so-perfect Calves - Try a longer version. Pencil skirts that fall below your calves are right on trend now and make you look fabulous. These lengths work for almost all body types and look stunning with the right shoes.
Check picture 1 above. (Hugo Boss Creation)

Heavy Thighs - Try to work around materials that are flowy and are not too thick. Also try to wear lengths that cover your knees or atleast fall right above your knees. This way you can blanket your thighs while revealing your shapely legs/calves.
Check picture 2 above. (Moschino Creation)

Broad Waist/Not-a-Flatboard stomach - I have one word for you "PEPLUM"! Put it on the skirt or on the top above it. This detail helps diverts attention from the midriff and leaves you worrying about nothing. Do not team crop tops or bustiers with pencil skirts - that will be suicidal. If you do not like peplum try wearing a flowy long top over a regular pencil skirt. (Also, never, ever buy a skirt that is too tight on your waist or makes your belly bulge after a small meal!).
Check picture 3 above. (Balmain Creation)

My own styles around the skirt:

Black Pencil Skirt with Side Ruffles - Forever New, Blue Top - Westside, White Clutch - Baggit.
Aquamarine Pencil Skirt - Only, Embroidered White Chiffon Top &  Aquamarine Pointed Heels  - Forever New, White Clutch - Baggit.
Black Pencil Skirt with Side Peplum - Forever New, Mustard Top - Van Heusen, Necklace - Aldo, Clutch - Forever New, Flats - H&M.

So, what is your fashion-fix around this?? Do Comment!!