Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Crop Jacket

Hello Friends!!

Spring is around the corner so my tiny dresses are happy & relieved to be out of the closet! The winter was long and I was beginning to get bored of the long pants and unflattering stockings. During these months, I have quite visibly put on some weight around my thighs as cold, wet winters prevented my long walks (and gyms mean pure torture to me). I have also not been to the salon for two and a half months now, hence, my eyebrows are twice their size now. My last session with the stylist was such an ordeal that it left me wondering whether styling eyebrows is worth the pain and suffering. After all, style and fashion should mean comfort. So I have decided to let my brows rest in peace for as long as I want! 

Coming to the title of my post..bought a bright blue crop jacket last week. I had eyed it a month back but thought it was a bit expensive. However, I got it for half off finally. Looooooove when that happens!! I wore it to lunch this weekend.

Wearing a Leather/Leatherette crop jacket
(I prefer Leatherette as it is more nature-friendly while being fashionable.)
  1. Go Black - Choose a black jacket with metal zippers. Wear one with silver zippers for a cool, edgy, biker-chic vibe or with gold zippers for a more rich & glamorous look.
  2. Add Colors - Add some color to your wardrobe with colorful pieces. Color block or keep it monotone with various shades of the same color. 
I wanted a fresh, springy, feminine look to go lunching. So, I paired my princess blue jacket with a short printed dress, black heels and did some color-blocking by adding a bright red clutch. The clutch blends well with the red bits in the dress and the red nail paint. To put the whole look together, I accessorized with a pair of matching earrings.

(The jacket looks a bit crumpled as my wardrobe suffered a massive upheaval this week during spring cleaning and all my clothes are more or less in the same condition!)


Blue Leatherette Jacket - Bebe
Red Clutch - Van Heusen
Printed Dress - Old
Earrings - Tribal Zone
Black Peep Toes - Forever New

So start prepping up for Spring.. Keep looking fabulous and never forget to smile!!