Monday, August 14, 2017

Cotton Candy!

Contrary to popular belief, not every girl is born loving pink. In fact, till about 1940s, before the clothing manufacturers chose to flip our minds to their benefit, pink used to be associated more with boys and men. Another proof that genetilia derived rules are always arbitary, useless and transient. So it's best to wear what you enjoy. The world is bound to change sooner or later and who knows, you might be a trendsetter, in body and in brains. 

I for one, am not particulary fond of pink. I have hardly had three pieces of pink in my closet. But I loved this top. Its high quality, responsibily sourced cotton is very light and airy, and its color is a perfect match with the right pocket of my shorts.  

My doting hubby planned the perfect weekend in Leavenworth, a quaint German town, for my birthday. We watched Annie and Sound of Music amid the mountains and chowed down scrumptious Mexican and Italian dinners. Unfortunaltely, being vegans/vegetarians, we didn't get a chance to try any German food, famous for its various wursts.

The pictures were taken in downtown Leavenworth. Hope you enjoy these pieces of our travels.

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi
Top: Anthropologie (similar here)
Shorts: Gap (similar here)
Shoes: Nike (worn here before)
Bag: Matt & Nat (similar here)
Sunglasses: RayBan

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Designing for the Future

There is no argument that fashion trends are volatile. Today's high fashion might be tomorrow's faux pas. We all know about the rise and fall, and finally, the current rise of acid wash denims.

Acid Wash Denims making a slow yet steady comeback

But there are certain trends that we know are out for good. The completely impractical Victorian hoop skirts and the painful corsets are resting in their graves. Thank god!!

On the other hand, there are a few trends that will outlive most of us and there are a lot of trends that haven't seen the light of day yet but will certainly do, and as true patrons of the art of fashion, we need to consider them.

Here are five of my future fashion predictions (The next few decades will prove/disprove my clairvoyance!).

1. Comfort Clothing: 

People are traveling more and more these days. Lives are faster and more stressful. No one wants to take the subway in a frilly gown or go to the office wearing hats with flowers or fruits pinned on their heads. So, as much as I will miss my skyscrapers, I see sneakers, loafers and other flat footwear replacing most, if not all, heels.
Sneakers are the new Heels (Link to Post)

2. Gender Neutral Clothing: 

Gender specific clothing doesn't make much sense either. There is no forbidden territory, in work or in fashion, for anyone anymore. How one dresses is a mark of individual identity rather than a social confirmation to one's assigned gender.

Gender Neutral Drape Tunic from NotEqual

3. Smart Clothes:

Why just wear a smart watch when you can literally be smarty pants? Clothing that can correct your posture, monitor your heartbeat and communicate with your devices, is the epitome of future fashion.
These Vibrating Connected Jeans from Spinali Design come equipped with vibrating sensors, geolocation and are connected to your smart phone. 

4. Customization and Design: 

This is already happening. Thanks to 3D printers, anyone can be a designer. From jewelry to shoes, we can design anything at home. So why won't I make myself the most unique paper boat necklace?

3D printed piece of jewelry from

5. Color Changing Clothes:

This one is my favorite!! I want a pearly white shirt in the morning and a shiny black one at night, a powder blue one when I am happy and a dull grey when I am sad. I read somewhere that the UK based brand Unseen is experimenting with the idea and if that's true, I wish them lots of luck. For now, DelSol has some amazing color changing stuff too.

Clothes that change color! Tee by DelSol

What do you think? Share your fashion predictions with us through the comment box!

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Plaids - Throwback Thursday!

Welcome Thursday!

I am doing a throwback post for the first time, and I have no idea why I chose this particular post for it. I guess, it's because I have worn this exact outfit at least a dozen times in the last year. That's a big deal considering that summer stays in Oregon just three months a year. 

The shirt and shorts are both really low-maintenance and need no ironing or special care. For a lazy bum like me, that is a huge selling proposition. The only change I have made to the outfit is that I have  now replaced the sandals with ballet flats/sneakers. These sandals have had a pretty good run, but now it's time for their soles to rest in peace. 

So here you go and enjoy your Thursday.

So, this is when summer starts to lose its charm. It is too dreadfully hot, to step outside even during the evenings. The sun has turned up its wrath and the summer shine has been replaced by scorching rays. Anyhow, thanks to the one who invented shorts, the heat gets a little more bearable.
Denim shorts are my go-to piece of clothing for the season. However, I feel, they are a bit too casual for any fancy or formal outing. I am a sucker for semi-formal dressing and formal shorts fit the bill just perfectly. They look great, both with casual sandals as well as super formal pumps. In the past, I have paired them with a golden, party dress (here).  

I had put this on with a plaid shirt, just for the photo shoot but will definitely wear the outfit to a casual lunch soon enough.


Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi

 Plaid Shirt - Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren (similar here)
Shorts & Clips - Forever New (similar here)
Flat Sandals - Bebe (similar here)
Necklaces - Forever 21 (similar here)

Friday, July 21, 2017

Spot of Red

In every store I look, there are blue and white stripes and bare shoulders. So, I went ahead and bought myself a dress with these specifications. And it looks pretty good, if I say so myself! 

I love the frills on the shoulders. They exude a village belle charm. Curiously, the one thing that I don't like about this dress also has to do with the shoulders. They tend to climb up with any minute movement, making all the heavy frill gather around the neck and chest. I didn't realize it when I was trying on the dress.  Now, whenever I wear this dress, I have to keep pulling it down which looks weird and feels weirder. That said, I still love the feel and look of this light summery outfit and I love it even more with my orange-red sandals and clutch.

Photographer: Ashutosh Vidyarthi

Dress: Loft (similar here)
Shoes: Just Fab (similar here)
Clutch: Old (worn here before)
Watch: Longines (worn here before)

Hope you enjoyed the post. Do let me know what you think about off-the-shoulder dresses. 
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Golden Summer!

Summer is here and as much as I enjoy the sun, I hate what it does to the skin.
I am on the oily side so winters are easier. But come summer, and I start tanning. Not the good, sexy tan but the patchy, irritating one. However, I can neither stay indoors nor can I spend too much time caring for my skin. I reiterate - I am lazy. It has been four months since I got my eyebrows done!

So, my summer beauty care regime is as simple as it can get. Ample water, fruits and veggies, moisturizer, face wipes and minimal fried food. I wish I could say I sleep well but my sleep cycles are all over the place. I am wide awake at night and my eyes are glued shut in the morning. It's time I realize I am no longer a teenager.

Anyway, I started using the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Age-Defying Hair Mask and it is awesome.  Although it is a bit expensive and tedious to use, it is well worth the time and money. That kind of got the "gold" idea rolling. I have been thinking, while everyone wears candy colors and tangerines in summer, won't it be awesome to wear gold instead. What better way to beat the sun than become one!

Throwback Time!

Unfortunately, I don't own a lot of metallic outfits or makeup but I am really curious to try some. To play it safe, I am starting with a gold highlighter. I don't think I can experiment with metallic lipstick but I have seen a few girls wearing it and they looked gorgeous. So yes, if you do try it please let me know what you think!  

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